About Us

The Canada-China Economic Growth Alliance (CCEGA) is a private, non-profit business organization that promotes bilateral business relationships for corporations conducting business, trade and investment in Canada and China to ensure business success.
Established in Toronto, the CCEGA consists of members from some of the largest Canadian and Chinese corporations that have the ethnic background and understanding of both cultures from a business perspective. This alliance will provide networking opportunities for all levels as well as offer insights and guidance in conducting business in these two nations.

Our Vision

We promote economic growth between Canada and China; expedite business, trade and investment opportunity; and facilitate understanding of cultural differences bilateral business success.

Our Mission

The Canada-China Economic Growth Alliance aims to create a platform to connect business people in Canada and China together for establishing mutual beneficial business opportunities.
The CCEGA will do this through its extensive ethnic and cultural understanding from both countries and through the organizing of unique marketing initiatives in linking business people together.
The CCEGA will develop a network for business people to meet and support each other, and act as an advocacy group for businesses in Canada and China in all industry sectors.